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  • This thing is used as static seals between two flat surfaces. Some of the more common gasket materials are asbestos, copper, cork, and rubber. Asbestos sheeting is used wherever a heat-resistant gasket is needed. 
  • It is used extensively for exhaust system gaskets. Most asbestos exhaust gaskets have a thin sheet of copper edging to prolong their life for work.
  • There is a  solid copper washer is used for spark plug gaskets where it is essential to have a non-compressible, yet semisoft gasket.
  •  Cork gaskets can be used as an oil seal between the engine crankcase and accessories, and where a gasket is required that can occupy an uneven or varying space caused by a rough surface or expansion and contraction on this.
  • Also, the Rubber sheeting can be used where there is a need for a compressible gasket. It should not be used in any place where it may come in contact with gasoline or oil because the rubber deteriorates very rapidly when exposed to these substances. 
  • Gaskets are used in fluid systems around the end caps of actuating cylinders, valves, and other units. The gasket generally used for this purpose is in the shape of an O-ring, similar to O-ring packings for most things.

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