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Generates Lift

 Generates Lift

  • Well, the shape of the plane's wing as it passes through the air creates lower pressure above the wing than beneath it and its cross-section is known as an airfoil.
  • An airfoil is a surface designed to obtain a lift from the air through which it moves. Thus, it can be stated that any part of the aircraft that converts air resistance into a lift is an airfoil. The profile of a conventional wing is an excellent example of an airfoil.
  • The difference in curvature of the upper and lower surfaces of the wing builds up the lift force. Air flowing over the top surface of the wing must reach the trailing edge of the wing in the same amount of time as the air flowing under the wing. To do this, the air passing over the top surface moves at a greater velocity than the air passing below the wing because of the greater distance it must travel along the top surface. This increased velocity, according to Bernoulli’s Principle, means a corresponding decrease in pressure on the surface. Thus, a pressure differential is created between the upper and lower surfaces of the wing, forcing the wing upward in the direction of the lower pressure.

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