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Hole Drilling

Hole Drilling

  •  The drilling hole isn’t difficult for rivets and bolts on metal and is defined as operating in the frame repair shop is used portable power usually because is a more practical tool.

Portable Power Drills :

  • Is function with compressed air or electricity, each of those have a characteristic, the pneumatic drill is useful for repair around flammable material where the potential sparks from an electric drill are might become a fair hazard.
  •  The hole in metal must firmly with both hands before drill and make sure to position a backup block of wood under the hole to just be drilled to add support to the structure, is important for bit to be inserted in chuck and test for trueness, and can check visibly by run motor freely.

Pneumatic Drill Motors :

  • It’s the most common type using for aircraft repair work and have a good speed control with sufficient power and it’s available in a lot of sizes and models are usually used for aircraft sheet metal work is range 3000 rpm by the way if the operation of drilling in hard materials like corrosion steel the drill motor is select to prevent damage to tools.

Right Angle and 45° Drill Motors

  • For the right angle and 45-degree drill motors are used for positions, some of right angle drill motors use threaded bits that are available is much longer.

Types of Drill Bits :

  1. Step drill
  2. Cobalt vanadium alloy, standard length.
  3. High speed steel, standard length.
  4. High speed steel, short shank.

Two Hole :

  • For this operation, we used two-hole usually for installation of nutplates to just by drill two holes at the same time and fixed the distance between them.

Drill Press :

  • It’s defined as a machine with high precision used for drilling holes with a high degree of accuracy and it may serve accurate means of positioned and maintain the direction of the hole.

Drill Extensions and Adapters :

  • For the difficult or impossible drilling a straight drill motor it’s possible to use drill extensions and adapter for this operation.

Extension Drill Bits :

  • Is usually widely and use for drill hole in locations that require reaching through small open projection and the drill bits exist in various type for example 6 to 12-inch lengths have a high speed with spring tempered shanks.

 Snake Attachment :

  • This type is used for drill in places inaccessible to ordinary drills. It’s most Available for the electric type.

Drill Lubrication : 

  • For long life or prolongs drill life it’s important the lubrication to just assist in chip removal , is need good practice when drilling casting or forging.


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