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Landing Gear Circuit

Landing Gear Circuit

  • This circuit is usually found on light aircraft that have high performance and this circuit operates the retractable landing gear systems, these type of aircraft is work with a hydraulic system to move the gear, for example during the takeoff the pilot moves the gear position switch to retract position and then starting an electric motor, this motor operates hydraulic pump and all this hydraulic system move the landing gear.
  •  There an electrical system can make sure the operation of the system is can determine when each reaches that is full up or down and also can detect the position of each gear that is right or left or nose, the motor is controlled accordingly, and exist a safety system that can help to prevent accidental actuation of the landing gear.
  •  There is a series of switches that are needed to control and monitor the position of each gear, for example, a momentary contact is to activate when a gear reaches its limit of travel and the limit switch is simply a spring-loaded , there 6 limit switch located in the landing gear wheel wells of aircraft.
  • These six switches are divided the three-down limit switches are used to detect when the gear reaches the fully extended position down and the other three up limit switches are used to detect the gear reaches the full retract position up, all those switches are activated by a component of landing gear assembly when a gear is reached to the limit.
  •  The pilot needs indication to provided that the gear is safe position for landing, most aircraft have a series of three green lights when the three gear is down and locked in the landing gear position, those three light is activated by up and down limit switch found in the gear wheel well.
  •  The location of the hydraulic motor in the upper left corner and is power through the up or down solenoids, and this solenoid is controlled by gear selector switch, the three gear down indicators is controlled by three gear down switches.


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