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Patch Repair

  Patch Repair

  • the Patch repair is known as a form of structural repair with an external patch where the edges of the patch and the skin overlap each other. The overlapping portion of the patch is riveted to the skin. Lap patches may be used in most areas where aerodynamic smoothness is not important.
  • during repairing cracks or small holes with a surface patch, the damage must be cleaned and smoothed. In repairing cracks, a small hole must be drilled in each end and sharp bend of the crack before applying the patch. These holes relieve the stress at these points and prevent the crack from spreading. The patch must be large enough to install the required number of rivets. It may be cut circular, square, or rectangular. If it is cut square or rectangular, the corners are rounded to a radius no smaller than 1⁄4-inch. The edges must be chamfered to an angle of 45° for 1⁄2 the thickness of the material and bent down 5° over the edge distance to seal the edges. This reduces the chance that the repair is affected by the airflow over it.
  • Is Always refer to the appropriate manuals or approved design sheet for specific repairs. Failure to comply with proper procedures may result in catastrophic disasters.

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