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  • there is little difference between them and The impact of a side stick or a conventional yoke arguably lie with the pros and cons on this important areas: flight deck the organization, safety, and mission.
  • the Side sticks can organize the flight deck better by freeing up some of the most valuable space in the flight deck: space directly in front of each crew member. Airbus is now adding pullout tables directly in front of crew members. Tables hold charts, computers, and meals. Very essential needs in a modern flight deck, particularly during international flights. This organizational change has the benefits of comfort and flexibility in flight.
  • the  yokes are easier to easily recognized as the control wheel of the aircraft. It's the traditional form of the joystick used as leverage to control the attitude of the plane. Yokes work by mechanical-driven system in which they are directly connected to the control surfaces with cables and rods. They require extra effort as the arm movement gives a longer lever to operate since yokes are larger in size and to mechanize such that each crew member can monitor the control actions of the other.

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