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The inverted flight

The inverted flight

  • The inverted the flight is the loads on the aeroplane structure are reversed and  the pilots should rely on his straps to hold him into the machine, the upside-down flight is not easy and should be distinguished from a glide in an inverted position that does not create problems affecting the engine of aircraft.
  •  It’s important to the engine continue running and ensure precaution being take to supply of fuel during the inverted flight when the height is maintained and the proper work of the carburetor, at this time the aerofoil will be inverted as unless of symmetrical type and will be inefficient while in order to create the angle of attack.
  • During the inverted flight the fuselage will  be tail down attitude and stability being affected, most aircraft have more stability when upside down that the right way up, and the difficulty in this operation when time to restoring to the normal flight.
  • There some aeroplanes  can maintaining height in the inverted position, when we have inverted spin it has some characteristic like pilots report that the motion in more steady and therefore more comfortable, but when we have an inverted loop is also called double bunt, the pilot is outside of the loop and the manoeuver of extremely difficult and more danger.
  •  The danger of this operation is arises from the fact in the normal loop the climb to the top of the loop is completed, when the speed and power in hand and the aerofoils and engine is functioning normally but in the inverted loop the climb to the top is required during the second portion of the loop and  the aerofoils being inefficient inverted position and the danger show when the pilot’s blood being forced into his head.





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