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Aircraft Bleed Air leak

Aircraft Bleed Air leak

  • Is defined that are  sourced from a Turbine engine, refers to the compressed air, taken from within the engine compressor stages before the combustors.
  • Two Factors of Controlled bleed air, ‘High temperature (200 – 250 °C) & 'Moderate pressure' (approx. 40 Psi) is used for Engine start, air conditioning, pressurization, engine & airframe de/anti-icing.
  • Aircraft ‘Bleed Air Leak’ is basically the 'uncontrolled loss' of bleed air from any part of the aircraft pneumatic system or from the applications of it.
Bleed Air Leak can cause:
  • Damage to Aircraft Nacelles, Structures & Wirings.
  • Components to overheat.
  • Inflight fire.
Defenses for bleed air system allow pilots to monitor & isolate Bleed leak through,
  • Cockpit Gauges.
  • Overheat Detectors.
  • Bleed Shut-off Valves.
  • Bleed Monitoring Systems.
  • Fire Wall Bleed Shut-off Valves.
  1. Even after bleed air leak has been secured using the AFM , ECAM or QRH inflight, degradation in the operation of other aircraft systems are inevitable.
  2. A Perfect Leak Check Using Approved methods of AMM is Vital to Upkeep the Airworthiness.

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