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Airworthiness Directive or AD

  Airworthiness Directive or AD

  • is defined that  Is notification to owners and operators of certified aircraft that a known safety deficiency with a particular model of aircraft, engine, avionics or other system exists & must be corrected & are legally enforceable by EASA or FAA or Local regulatory-DGCA.
  • Thus, it is mandatory for an aircraft operator to comply with an Airworthiness Directive(AD).

What should airlines maintain & produce to Auditors?

  • Airworthiness Directives summary document should list the status of all applicable ADs per aircraft in chronological order by AD number.
AD summary document should include the following info:
  • Aircraft, Engine, APU, or Component S/N.
  • AD Number & Effective Date.
  • AD Description.
  • 4.AD Method of Compliance.
  • AD Status (i.e. Closed,open,N/A, etc.).
  • AD Reference (i.e.Service Bulletin Number, Engg Doc.).
  • AD Initial & Repetitive Threshold (i.e. Calendar months, flight hours, flight cycles).
  • AD Last Accomplishment (Date,flight hours,flight cycles).
  • AD Next Accomplishment (Date, flight hours, flight cycles, intervals remaining).
  • AD Remarks.
  • Dirty fingerprint compliance of paperwork.

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