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Aviation Industry

 Aviation Industry

What are Pre-pregs ?, How have they Revolutionized the Aviation Industry? How Can Airlines Optimize Usage?

  • The Prepregs are composite materials in which a reinforcement fiber is pre-impregnated with a thermoplastic or thermoset resin the matrix in a certain ratio.
  • Widely used in Modern Aviation Industry, Prepregs have unique properties as they are cured under high temperatures & pressures.
  • Reinforcement in a prepreg can be unidirectional fibers or fabric.
  • Mostly Used Prepreg variants are CFRP Prepregs, GFRP Prepregs & AFRP Prepregs.
  • Prepregs are produced using two main processes: Hot melt process and solvent dip process.
  • Popular Use:
Boeing 787 Fuselage, Airbus 350 Fuselage,wings ,GE90-115 Fan blades, Most Modern Aircraft brake Discs, Primary Flight Control surfaces.
  • Airline Repair Optimization:
Many Primary or secondary Aircraft Structures require Pre-pregs for repairs.
  • Cost:
Prepregs are pricey. Exact dimensions or Minimum order quantity can help avoid wastage.
  • Storage:
Prepregs need a storage temperature of -18°c.
Higher temperatures reduce the shelf life.
  • Shelf Life:
With as low as 6 months of Shelf life, Pre-pregs can dent the Airline's Maintenance Budget.
'Part pooling' or 'Part loaning' deals can help.


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