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Difference Between Jet Fuel and Gasoline

 Difference Between Jet Fuel and Gasoline

  • The two types are Aviationfuel and gasoline are very different for multiple reasons. aviation fuels must meet strict requirements for flying characteristics such as flashpoint and freezing point.
  • There are two types of jet fuel JetA and Jett. The main difference between the two is the freezing point of the fuel, with Jet B having a much lower point and thus is useful for planes in icy regions.
  • aviation fuel providers include some additives like anti-static chemicals fluids to prevent corrosion of the tanks. de-icing agents to lower the point even more, and even some chemicals with anti-bacterial properties.
  • ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) regulates aviation fuel, so any aircraft landing at any airport worldwide can get access to the same quality of fuel.
  • Theoretically, jets and cars could run off of the same fuel, but the environments and materials that airplanes travel through tend to be very different than normal driving conditions. Temperatures in flight for airplanes can drop to under -40˚C. At this low temperature, normal gasoline would likely freeze, ultimately causing proper combustion to stop.


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