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  • Is used to create reinforced drain holes in the aircraft fabric. Usually made of aluminum or plastic, they are glued or doped into place on the fabric surface. Once secured, a hole is created in the fabric through the center of the grommet. Often, this is done with a hot soldering pencil that also heats seals the fabric edge to prevent raveling.
  •  Seaplane grommets have a shield over the drain hole to prevent splashed water from entering the interior of the covered structure and to assist in siphoning out any water from within.
  •   Drain holes using these grommets must be made before the grommets are put in place. Note that some drain holes do not require grommets if they are made through two layers of fabric.

 Inspection Rings :

  •  The structure underneath an aircraft covering must be inspected periodically. To facilitate this in fabric-covered aircraft, inspection rings are glued or doped to the fabric.
  •   They provide a stable rim around an area of fabric that can be cut to allow viewing of the structure underneath. The fabric remains uncut until an inspection is desired. The rings are typically plastic or aluminum with an approximately three-inch inside diameter.
  •   Spring clip metal panel covers can be fitted to close the area once the fabric inside the inspection ring has been cut for access. The location of the inspection rings is specified by the manufacturer. Additional rings are sometimes added to permit access to important areas that may not have been fitted originally with inspection access.

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