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Seaplane Float

Seaplane Float

  • In aviation There are two different types of floats for aircraft:  amphibious and straight floats. Amphibious floats have retractable landing gear, which permits the aircraft to operate on both hard-surface runways and on the water. Straight floats, on the other hand, restrict the airplane to the water.
  • Floats must be able to displace enough water to support the weight of the aircraft on the water and create buoyancy, Seaplane floats come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Floats are popular additions on airplanes like the Cessna 185, AviatHusky, American Champion Scout, and DeHavilland  TwinOtter. Most floats are constructed from either aluminum or composite materials, which make them lightweight and easy to repair.
  • the interior of a seaplane float is not completely hollow. The float is engineered with separate watertight compartments that prevent the float from filling up with water if it gets punctured. Pumps at the top of each compartment make it easy for water to be drained out. It’s very important for pilots to pump out water from the floats during preflight, as water can add weight and impact the aircraft’s center of gravity.

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