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Swash Plate Assembly

 Swash Plate Assembly

  • This device is has a purpose that is to transmit control inputs from the collective and cyclic controls to the main rotor blades. It consists of two main parts: the stationary swash plate and the rotating swashplate.
  •  The stationary swash plate is mounted around the main rotor mast and connected to the cyclic and collective controls by a series of pushrods. It is restrained from rotating by an anti drive link but is able to tilt in all directions and move vertically.
  • The rotating swash plate is mounted to the stationary swash plate by a uniball sleeve. It is connected to the mast by drive links and is allowed to rotate with the main rotor mast.
  • Both swash plates tilt and slide up and down as one unit. The rotating swash plate is connected to the pitch horns by the pitch links.
  • There are three major controls in a helicopter that the pilot must use during the flight. They are the collective pitch control, cyclic pitch control, and antitorque pedals or tail rotor control.
  • In addition to these major controls, the pilot must also use the throttle control, which is mounted directly to the collective pitch control in order to fly the helicopter.

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