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Airbus 'Pods'

Airbus 'Pods'

  •  Airbus unveiled a new concept of 'Pods' in the place of 'Pylons' as a futuristic Propulsion system.
  •  To be honest, Airbus is still the searching for answers for a suitable propulsion design using Hydrogen fuel to the campaign, it's ZEROe concept aircraft.
  •  the searching team found one such concept of Self-sufficient Pods to power an eight bladed propeller system.
  •  In other words, 'Pods' are basically stand-alone propulsion systems based on sodium hydrogen fuel cell technology under Airbus's ZEROe concept aircraft or airbus a319 united.
  •  Each “pod” is proposed to house below sub-components/systems:

  1.  A propeller.
  2.  Electric motors.
  3.  Fuel cells.
  4.  LH2 tank.
  5.  Power electronics.
  6. A cooling system.
  7.  A set of auxiliary equipment.

 How will the 'Pod' work?

  •  Electric current will be produced from Fuel cells of pods by the supply of hydrogen and air.
  •  Power action electronics will convert the current to power the electric motors which will drive the propeller.
  •  Pods to have quickly removable fixtures for an easy hvac maintenance and hydrogen refueling operations in airports.



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