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 Aircraft electrical system Bonding and grounding

  • In Aviation exactly on a passenger plane, aviation maintenance provided that the electrical system Bonding is the electrical connecting or moving electrical panel of two or more conducting objects not otherwise connected adequatelyGrounding is the electrical connecting of a conducting object to the primary structure for the return of current. The primary structure is the mainframe, and the frequency is 400 Hz aircraft power, fuselage or wing structure of the aircraft. for example, on b737 the Bonding and grounding connections are made in aircraft electrical systems to :

1. Protect aircraft and personnel against hazards from lightning discharge.
2. Provide current return paths.
3. Prevent the development of radio-frequency potentials.
4. Protect personnel from shock hazards.
5. Provide stability of radio transmission or all-pro transmission and reception. 
6. Prevent the accumulation of static charge.
  • always Bonding jumper should be kept as short as practicable, and installed so that the contact resistance of each connection does not exceed  0.003 ohms and some oil inspection. The jumper should not interfere with the operation of movable aircraft elements, normal movement of these elements should not result in damage to the bonding jumper this type of security will use on most aircraft like 737 max or 737 ng there some generators.
  • no conducting finishes, such as paint and anodizing films, should be removed from the surface to be contacted by the bonding terminal.

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