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Aircraft Turbine Engine Innovation

 Aircraft Turbine Engine Innovation

 From 1930's of Whittle turbojet core concept till date, turbine engines have undergone a enormous makeover, And a wind turbine or largest offshore wind turbine, Scope of improvement and innovation research remains imminent on the below areas.

 Design and Weight:

  1. Engine prairie architecture advancement.
  2. Novel alloys / MMC's -Improved metallurgical analysis.
  3. Non-Metallics.


  1. Hybrid electric spacecraft propulsion.
  2. Highly loaded recip compressor.
  3. High OPR.
  4. Low emissions vapor combustor.
  5. Adaptive Cycles.
  6. Constant volume combustion.

 Transfer efficiency:

  1. Low Engine inlet losses.
  2. Low loss exhausts or turbo back -Variable.
  3. Power transmission Distribution.

 Propulsive efficiency:

  1. Very high Bypass ratio turbofans.
  2. Ultra-high Bypass ratio turbofans.
  3. Wake ingestion.
  4. Open rotors concept.
  5. Distributed propulsion.

 Technologies to be innovated:

  1. Hot section materials.
  2. Core noise.
  3. Next Generation disk material.
  4. The highly loaded front block compressors.
  5. High-temperature compressor and turbine blades/vanes.
  6. Ceramic matrix composites usage.
  7. Tip/end wall aerodynamics.
  8. Turbine clearance controls.
  9. Low NOx combustors.

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