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Checking Incidence

Checking Incidence

  •  Incidence is usually checked in at least two specified positions on the surface of the wing to ensure that the wing is free from the twist. A variety of incidence boards are used to check the incidence angle. Some have stops at the forward edge, which must be placed in contact with the leading edge of the wing.
  •  Others are equipped with location pegs that fit into some specified part of the structure. The purpose, in either case, is to ensure that the board is fitted in exactly the position intended. In most instances, the boards are kept clear of the wing contour by short extensions attached to the board.
  •  When used, the board is placed at the specified locations on the surface being checked. If the incidence angle is correct, an inclinometer on top of the board reads zero, or within a specified tolerance of zero. Modifications to the areas where incidence boards are located can affect the reading. For example, if leading-edge deicer boots have been installed, the position of a board having a leading-edge stop is affected.

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