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Coaxial Cable:

 Coaxial Cable:

  • In general All wiring needs to be protected from damage. However, coaxial and triaxial cables are particularly vulnerable to certain types of damage. Personnel should exercise care while handling or working around coaxial.
  • damage can occur when clamped too tightly, or when they are bent sharply (normally at or near connectors). Damage can also be incurred during unrelated maintenance actions around the coaxial cable.
  • Coaxial cable can be severely damaged on the inside without any evidence of damage on the outside. Coaxial cables with solid center conductors should not be used. Stranded center coaxial cables can be used as a direct replacement for solid center coaxial.
  • Coaxial cable precautions include:
Never kink the coaxial cable.
• Never drop anything on coaxial cable.
• Never step on coaxial cable.
• Never bend the coaxial cable sharply.
• Never loop coaxial cable tighter than the allowable bend radius.
• Never pull on coaxial cable except in a straight line.
            • Never use coaxial cable for a handle, lean on it, or hang things on it (or any other wire).

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