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FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Controls)

 FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Controls)

  • There are revolutionized in the Aviation industry especially in aviation structural mechanic and Modern Turbofan Engine Operations in terms of Autonomy, Reliability & Efficiency through micro-management?
  • Back in the 1970s, Baby steps were taken & Digital Engine Controls were introduced with the 'DEEC' for the PW JT9D engines.
  • By 1980s, demand surged, 'FADEC' had to evolve to cater to more capabilities for the engine.
  • Several computers or mainframe combine to form the control system, with the FADEC acting as the ‘brain’ of the engine.
  • FADEC tells you, No direct human control over the engine or manual control mode.
  • FADEC includes engine sensors, control logics & laws, the fuel metering device & interfaces with the aircraft computers.
  • FADEC is autonomous, self-monitoring, self-operating & redundant (less likely to fail). If the FADEC fails, the engine fails.

 Micromanagement of FADEC :

  • Controls the gtr engine 'thrust target' to manage the aircraft speed, acceleration & deceleration.
  • Monitors the Engine Health & System behavior.
  • Optimisation of fuel consumption & emission levels.
  • Controls actuation & power supply of the thrust reverser system.
  • Detects, analyses & announces failures, as well as protects from malfunctions.

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