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MRB (Maintenance Review Board)

MRB (Maintenance Review Board)

  • Industry Steering Committee (ISC) is helping the formation company of MPD (Maintenance planning Document)? How MRBR is playing a major active role in the Escalation of Aircraft aaa inspection Intervals?
  • MRB is a group led by the Airworthiness Authority to set the principles which will be applied to the development of a hvac maintenance Programme for an aircraft type or engine management type.
  • The Industry Steering Committee (ISC) is a team of members from the operators/airlines and American advantage, OEM/manufacturers and aviation regulators to frame Policy & Procedures Handbook (PPH) for development or dfid of the MRBR.
  • The “MRB process” consists range of numbers activities that issue, review, accept & amend the MRBR using MSG-3 analysis.
  • The MRBR contains the minimum scheduled maintenance requirements for newly type certified aircraft to meet requirements of CS 25, CS 23, CS 29 & CS 27.
  • The initial MRB report for any new aircraft like b737 tends to be conservative in the decision-making process due to lack of in-service experience.
  • On Service experience accumulation, task intervals gets adjusted/escalated for the benefit of Airworthiness and Operators.
  • The MRBR is used as the source data for the MPD & AMP (Approved maintenance program) is derived from MPD.

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