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Push Rods (Control Rods)

Push Rods (Control Rods)

  •  Pushrods are used as links in the flight control system to give push-pull motion. They may be adjusted at one or both ends. Notice that it consists of a tube with threaded rod ends. is more viewed on American airlines jet net, An adjustable antifriction rod end, or rod end clevis attaches at each end of the tube.
  •   The rod end, or clevis, permits the attachment of the tube to flight control system parts. The checkout, when tightened, prevents the rod end or clevis from loosening. They may have adjustments at one or both ends.
  •  The rods should be perfectly straight unless designed to be otherwise. When installed as part of a control system, the assembly should be checked for correct alignment and free movement.
  •  It is possible for control rods fitted with bearings to become disconnected because of failure of the peening that retains the ball races in the rod end. This can be avoided by installing the control rods so that the flange of the rod end is interposed between the ball race and the anchored end of the attaching pin or bolt

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