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Symmetry Check

Symmetry Check

  •  The principle of a typical symmetry. The precise figures, tolerances, and checkpoints for a particular aircraft are found in the applicable service or maintenance manual.
  •  On small aircraft, the measurements between points are usually taken using steel tape. When measuring long distances, it is suggested that a spring scale be used with the tape to obtain equal tension. A five-pound pull is usually sufficient. On large aircraft, the positions at which the dimensions are to be taken are usually chalked on the floor.
  • This is done by suspending a plumb bob from the checkpoints and marking the floor immediately under the point of each plumb bob. The measurements are then taken between the centers of each marking.

 Cable Tension :

  •  When it has been determined that the aircraft is symmetrical and structural alignment is within specifications, the cable tension and control surface travel can be checked. To determine the amount of tension on a cable, a tensiometer is used.
  •   When properly maintained, a tensiometer is 98 percent accurate. Cable tension is determined by measuring the amount of force needed to make an offset in the cable between two hardened steel blocks called anvils. A riser or plunger is pressed against the cable to form the offset. Several manufacturers make a variety of tensiometers, each type designed for different kinds of cable, cable sizes, and cable tensions.

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