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Aircraft Pressurisation System

Aircraft Pressurisation System

  • Aircraft fly at high altitudes, the aircraft needs to be pressurized so that the crew and passengers can breathe without the need for supplemental oxygen.
  •  Bleed Air from the turbine engines is used to pressurize the cabin and air are released from the cabin by an Outflow Valve.
  • By using a cabin pressure_regulator, to manage the flow of air through the outflow_valve, the pressure within the aircraft can be increased or decreased as required, either to maintain a set Differential Pressure or a set Cabin Altitude
  •  One of the benefits of a pressurization system is the constant flow of clean, fresh air moving through the aircraft
  • The air inside the airplane is completely changed every two or three minutes making it far cleaner than the air in your home or office.
  •  Every pressurized aircraft has a maximum pressure differential limit. Exceeding this limit (pumping too much air pressure into the fuselage) can cause damage – To protect the aircraft from pressurizing
  •  positive_pressure_relief_valves are installed. The devices are spring-loaded to vent excess air pressure when cabin pressure exceeds the maximum limit

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