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‘Bumpy’ weather


  • In addition to the loads incurred during definite aerobatics, all aircraft are required to face the effects of unsteady weather conditions. Accelerometer records show that these may be quite considerable, and they must certainly be reckoned with when designing commercial aircraft.

  •  Where airplanes are, in any case, required to perform aerobatics, they will probably be amply strong enough to withstand any loads due to adverse weather.
  •  The conditions which are likely to inflict the most severe loads consist of strong gusty winds, hot sun, intermittent clouds, especially thunder clouds in which there is often considerable turbulence, and uneven ground conditions; a combination of all these factors will, almost certainly, spell a ‘rough passage’.
  •  The turbulence and up currents that may be encountered in severe thunderstorms and in cumulo-nimbus clouds can sometimes be such as to tax the strength of the airplane and the flying skill of the pilot.

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