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  • Cabin Recirculation fans allow for less airflow from the air conditioning packs by recycling air from the cabin and cockpit (some aircraft may vary) and adding it to the fresh pack being delivered by the pack. 
  • This increases the efficiency of the system by decreasing the demand for bleed air from the engines. Furthermore, depending on the aircraft.
  • The purpose of recirculation fans is to mainly decrease the use of engine bleed air. If some of the air is not recirculated More usage of engine bleed air will be required for cabin air needs. 
  • That would increase fuel burn which drives up your costs. The recirculated air goes through HEPA filters to remove airborne particulates.
  • Air recirculation system concept reduces bleed air requirements and pack loads, by filtering cabin air and re-introducing it to the mix manifold. 
  • Aircraft designs generally cool and then recycle the air internal to a jet airliner because doing this incurs less penalty in drag than if outside air is brought into the cabin for cooling.

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