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Commercial Aircraft engine concept design

Commercial Aircraft engine concept design

  •  How do the Manufacturers (OEMs) plan for a Commercial Aircraft engine concept design? What Challenges & factors shape the final product ?
  •  First thing Airframers like 'Airbus' & 'Boeing' do to their 'aircraft design plan' is to involve a 'Propulsion system maker' like GE, Rolls-Royce, P&W, or others.
  •  Sometimes this chemistry between Airframer & Engine maker does not work.
  •  Last week, we witnessed Rolls-Royce freezing it's ambitious ‘UltraFan’ Project despite deep financial backup, much hype & cutting edge the technology involved to it.

 The Factors that really affect a commercial aircraft engine concept design is:

 Business Case Of Engine.

  • Development Cost.
  • Manufacturing cost.

 The revenue source for Engine.

  • Engine Unit sale.
  • Sales Volume/Market demand.
  • Spare parts/Supply chain.

 Aircraft specific Requirement.

  • Passengers capacity.
  • Cruise speed & Insertion altitude.
  • Balanced field length.
  • Power & bleed air-off takes (usage).

 Customer Interest value.

  • Revenue Generation.
  • Payload Offer.
  • Range definition.

 Cost of Ownership.

  • Price of the engine.
  • Fuel Burn (efficiency).
  • Maintenance cost.

 Regulatory Requirement.

  • Safety.
  • Noise.
  • Emissions.

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