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Diffrences of Engine Nacelle, Cowling and Pylons

Diffrences of Engine Nacelle, Cowling and Pylons


  • The nacelle is referred to as the whole covering of an engine that is outside the plane, typically on the wing. The cowling would just be the removable part of this cover. Nacelle not only streamlines the entire engine assembly, it also protects it and contains the various devices and systems which are attached to the engine.


  • A cowl or cowling is any part of the engine nacelle that can be opened or removed for inspection which is usually openings to the inlet, fan case and Reversers.


  • Pylons is a rigid structure used to hold the heavy aircraft engine in its place and position under (or over, occasionally, an aircraft's wing, without interfering with the airflow over and under the aircraft wing that is needed for lift and control whereby it between the engine and the wing.
  • In some fact, this technology is a new type of aircraft pylon design for noise control. A pylon connects the engine to the airframe of an aircraft. This design uses air passing through the pylon to actively disrupt the jet engine exhaust stream after it exits the engine, disrupting and redistributing the axial and azimuthal distributed sources of jet noise from the aircraft.

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