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How to work Aircraft Air Conditioning System

 How to work Aircraft Air Conditioning System

  • The most used type of air conditioning system for turbine passenger jets are called air cycle air conditioning
  •  The environmental system on an aircraft is often called a PACK.
  • The air for an air cycle system is supplied by the %engines. bleed air is bled off from the engines and this hot air is routed through a primary heat exchanger to cool slightly than into the air cycle machine ACM
  •  In the air cycle machine, the air is compressed which raises It's temperature again.
  • The heated and compressed air is sent through a secondary heat exchanger where cool outside ram air brings its temperature back down
  •  The air next travels through the expansion_turbine and into an expansion_chamber where it chills to a near-freezing temperature. The cold air is sent into a water separator so the moisture can be removed.
  •  Once the cold, dry air flows into the mixing box, a temperature mixing valve allows a small amount of hot engine air to be added as needed to reach the air temperature desired for the cabin. 
  • The perfectly cooled air flows into the cabin providing both pressurization and climate control.

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