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Landing Gear Bogie Concept

 Landing Gear Bogie Concept

  • The bogie refers to the set of wheels, rotating about the (landing gear) axis, while their arrangement- lateral or longitudinal more than two wheels are attached to a landing gear strut where the attaching mechanism is known as a bogie.
  •  Conventional wisdom holds that aircraft with forward-tilted main landing gear bogies (767, A380) where the front axle touches down first will land "harder" than aircraft with rearward tilted, trailing MLG bogies (A330, 757) where the rear axle touches down first.
  • On a bogie with the front-wheel hanging low the action of the wheel spinning up tends to pull the bogie down onto the runway, biting hard is the best way I can think to describe it. That force goes straight into the strut as a bending moment.
  •  On a bogie with rear wheels hanging low, I would think it would be a lighter touch as the pivot is in front of the wheel and so if the bogie rotates it will tend to lift the weight from the wheels.
  • Effectively, front-wheel first on a twin or triple axle, the bogie has no choice but to bite down as the forward acceleration of the wheel tends to rotate the bogie down.

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