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Lift Dumpers Concept

Lift Dumpers Concept

  • The Lift dumpers or better know as spoilers are normally known as a deployable flat surface panel which is normally flushed and located on the trailing edge of the wing.
  •  Lift dumpers can be divided into two categories known as flight spoilers and ground spoilers.
  •  Flight spoilers are used in a situation when aircraft speed in-flight needs to reduce or when a quick action for descending is required due to emergency rapid decompression or during descent for landing.
  • Flight spoilers are also designed to assist the ailerons during banking, overcoming aileron drag or adverse yaw effect by introducing the differential aileron concept, where the upgoing aileron along with the deploying spoilers provides more drag on the downgoing wing on a bank.
  •  Ground spoilers are known as a combination of all spoilers including flight spoilers that deploy on touchdown or aborted takeoff to create maximum drag which assists the aircraft to stop at a shorter distance with maximum brake efficiency.
  • Ground spoilers basically generate much drag on the wings which helps to keep the aircraft to be in contact with the ground without floating during the deceleration phase, allowing the brakes to obtain maximum efficiency to decelerate the aircraft.

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