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 airframe Vibration in the Forward Fuselage area

How an airframe Vibration in the Forward Fuselage area can be isolated to the nose landing gear wheels? What preventive maintenance actions help?

  • Fuselage Vibration can have multiple contributing factors, Nose wheel & tire assemblies are among the most prominent.
  •  How to isolate, if the vibration is due to MLG or NLG during take-off run or just after Lift-off?
 Simple Observation :
  • If, after the Liftoff, Vibration stops immediately after the landing gear selection lever is selected Up or Brakes applied, Vibration the source is the Main landing gear.
  • If, after the Liftoff, the Vibration diminishes gradually, vibration is due to the Nose wheels.

 What causes the Nose wheels to initiate a Vibration?
  •  Nose wheel static balancing - Proper balancing of Nose wheels at workshop level is key to solve many vibration issues.
  •  Nose wheel Bearings - Premature wear of Nose wheel bearings also contribute most of the vibration cases linked to NLG.
  •  Factors behind the worn-out Nose wheel bearings are "Improper Installation", "Operating conditions", "Bearing environment" & "Improper Lubrication".
  •  Bearing deterioration can be avoided by proper Cleaning, inspection, torquing & Pre-load Rotation of wheels (Roller seating).

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