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Black Box

Black Box

  • An aircraft’s flight recorders are an invaluable tool for investigators in identifying the factors behind an accident. Recorders usually comprise two individual boxes
The Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)
  • it provides far more than just the voices of the pilots. In fact, it creates a record of the total audio environment in the cockpit area. This includes crew conversation, radio transmissions, aural alarms, control movements, switch activations, engine noise and airflow noise.
  • CVR retains the last 2 hours of information. The newest data records over the oldest data (endless-loop-principle).

The Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
  • depending upon the age and size of the aircraft. is to record a basic group of five parameters
  • pressure altitude, indicated airspeed, magnetic heading, normal acceleration, microphone keying
  • modern aircraft FDRs that can record thousands of parameters covering all aspects of the aircraft operation.
  • The FDR retains the last 25 hours of aircraft operation and, operates on the endless-loop principle.
  • Flight recorders are normally located near the aircraft’s tail, as experience has shown that this area generally suffers the least damage during an accident.

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