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  • Reamers, used for enlarging holes and finishing them smooth to the required size, are made in many styles. They can be straight or tapered, solid or expansive, and come with straight or helical flutes. three types of reamers:

1. Three or four fluted production bullet reamers are customarily used where a finer finish and/or size is needed that can be achieved with a standard drill bit.

2. Standard or straight reamer.

3. Piloted reamer, with the end reduced to provide accurate alignment.

  • The cylindrical parts of most straight reamers are not cutting edges, but merely grooves cut for the full length of the reamer body.
  • These grooves provide a way for chips to escape and a channel for lubricant to reach the cutting edge. The actual cutting is done on the end of the reamer. The cutting edges are normally ground to a level of 45° ± 5°.
  • Reamer flutes are not designed to remove chips like a drill. Do not attempt to withdraw a reamer by turning it in the reverse direction because chips can be forced into the surface, scarring the hole.

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