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  • Weighing GA aircraft, helicopters, turboprops, corporate jets, UAV/UAS, or transport category airliners can be accomplished in two ways: top of jack load cells and platform scales. Equipment selection is dependent on the operator's needs and or equipment currently on hand, as well as the airframe manufacturer's recommendations.
  •  The top of jack load cells, as the name implies, can be used on top of the current wing jacks or can be used under axle for larger jets. Platforms are very useful for small shops that do not have jacks for every type of aircraft.
  • Both types of scales feature new technologies using wireless operations with computer-based indication and cable-based wired digital indication. Mechanical or analog meter scales .
  • have mostly been replaced with the new wireless systems and or digital indicators. These systems and indicators are very accurate and easy to use, making the weighing job faster to accomplish and providing higher quality in readings.
  • Platforms are available in many weight ranges and sizes.
  • These systems either use ramps or the aircraft can be jacked and lowered onto the platforms during regular maintenance. Platforms are easy to use and are a choice for many shops that do not have jacks for the many types of aircraft to be serviced.
  •  The limiting factors for platforms are the weight range and the tire size, some aircraft have large tires and the platform may be too small for the specific aircraft tire. It is important to always use the right size scale and platform for the aircraft type and weighing job required.
  • The platform scale sits on the hangar floor in a level condition. Ramps and a tug are used to position the airplane tire on top of the platform and centered.
  • Built into the platform is an electronic load cell(s) that sense the weight being applied to it, which generates a corresponding electrical signal. Inside the load cell is an electronic strain gauge that measures a proportional change in electrical resistance as the weight being applied to it increases. An electrical cable or wireless signal runs from the platform scale to a display.
  • unit, computer, or tablet, which interprets the resistance change of the load cell and equates it to a specific number of pounds. A digital readout on the display shows the weight. a small Piper is being weighed using wireless platform scales that incorporate electronic load cells.
  • a Cessna 182 airplane is being weighed with portable electronic platform scales. If an aircraft is weighed on platform scales, the only way to level the aircraft is to deflate tires and landing gear struts accordingly.

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