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Wheel Well and Landing Gear

 Wheel Well and Landing Gear

  • More than any other area on the aircraft, this area probably receives more punishment due to mud, water, salt, gravel, and another flying debris.
  • Because of the many complicated shapes, assemblies, and fittings, complete area paint film coverage is difficult to attain and maintain.
  •  A partially applied preservative tends to mask corrosion rather than prevent it. Due to heat generated by braking action, preservatives cannot be used on some main landing gear wheels.
During an inspection of this area, pay particular attention to the following trouble spots:
  • Magnesium wheels, especially around the bolt heads, lugs, and wheel web areas, for the presence of entrapped water or its effects.
  • Exposed rigid tubing, especially at B-nuts and ferrules, under clamps and tubing identification tapes.
  • Exposed position indicator switches and other electrical equipment
  • Crevices between stiffeners, ribs, and lower skin surfaces that are typical water and debris traps
  • Axle interiors.
  • Exposed surfaces of struts, oleos, arms, links, and attaching hardware (bolts, pins, etc.).

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