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Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic Balancing

  • Propellers can also be dynamically balanced (spin balanced) with an analyzer kit to reduce the vibration levels of the propeller and spinner assembly.
  • Some aircraft have the system hardwired in the aircraft and on other aircraft the sensors and cables need to be installed before the balancing run.
  •  Balancing the propulsion assembly can provide substantial reductions in transmitted vibration and noise to the cabin and also reduces excessive damage to other aircraft and engine components.
  • The dynamic imbalance could be caused by mass imbalance or any aerodynamic imbalance.
  • Dynamic balancing only improves the vibration caused by mass unbalance of the externally rotating components of the propulsion system.
  •  Balancing does not reduce the vibration level if the engine or aircraft is in poor mechanical condition.
  • Defective, worn, or loose parts will make balancing impossible.
  •  Several manufacturers make dynamic propeller balancing equipment and their equipment operation could differ.
  • The typical dynamic balancing system consists of a vibration sensor that is attached to the engine close to the propeller, and an analyzer unit that calculates the weight and location of balancing weights.


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