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Engine Flow simulators work

 Engine Flow simulators work

  • Wind tunnels used to be just fine for airframes, engine flow the simulation used to struggle, but with the advent of Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), both found a mirror to keep their attributes under check.
  • Engine Flow Simulator is an integrated flow, heat transfer,& combustion design software that enables a wide range of simulations to optimize machine & system designs.
  • To assist engineers in design & problem-solving tasks, flow simulator provides engine interdisciplinary modeling & optimization capabilities within a single platform for machine design in relation to fluid dynamics/thermal/combustion domains.
  • Preconfigured elements/components can simulate a wide range of physical functions including buoyancy-driven flow, compressible/incompressible fluid flow, rotating cavity system flow, radiation/conduction/convection heat transfer & combustion equilibrium-chemistry.
  • Several analysis modes such as steady-state, quasi-steady state, & transient analysis for fluid dynamics, thermal,& combustions can be simulated to predict system/subsystem run conditions during an engine cycle.

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