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Engine Mounts

Engine Mounts

  • Mounts for Reciprocating Engines
  • Most aircraft equipped with reciprocating engines use an engine mount structure made of welded steel tubing.
  •  The mount is constructed in one or more sections that incorporate the engine mount ring, bracing members (V-struts), and fittings for attaching the mount to the wing nacelle.
  • The engine mounts are usually secured to the aircraft by special heat-treated steel bolts.
  • The importance of using only these special bolts can be readily appreciated since they alone support the entire weight of, and withstand all, the stresses imposed by the engine and propeller in flight.
  • The upper bolts support the weight of the engine while the aircraft is on the ground, but when the aircraft is airborne another stress is added.
  • This stress is torsional and affects all bolts, not just the top bolts. A typical engine mount ring is shown in discloses fittings and attachment points located at four positions on the engine mount structure. Each fitting houses a dynamic engine mount.


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