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Fixed-Pitch Propeller

Fixed-Pitch Propeller

  • As the name implies, a fixed-pitch propeller has the blade pitch, or blade angle, built into the propeller.
  • The blade angle cannot be changed after the propeller is built. Generally, this type of propeller is one piece and is constructed of wood or aluminum alloy.
  • Fixed-pitch propellers are designed for best efficiency at one rotational and forward speed.
  • They are designed to fit a set of conditions of both airplane and engine speeds and any change in these conditions reduces the efficiency of both the propeller and the engine.
  • The fixed-pitch propeller is used on airplanes of low power, speed, range, or altitude.
  • Many single-engine aircraft use fixed-pitch propellers and the advantages to these are less expense and their simple operation.
  • This type of propeller does not require any control inputs from the pilot in flight.

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