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Fuel pump and filter

 Fuel pump and filter

  • This fuel control unit is sometimes mounted on the vane fuel pump assembly. It provides the power lever connection and the fuel shutoff function.
  • The unit provides mechanical overspeed protection for the gas generator spool during normal (automatic mode) engine operation. In automatic mode, the EEC is in control of metering the fuel. In manual mode, the hydromechanical control takes over.
  • During normal engine operation, a remotely mounted electronic fuel control unit (EFCU) (same as an EEC) performs the functions of thrust setting, speed governing and acceleration, and deceleration limiting through EFCU outputs to the fuel control assembly in response to power lever inputs.
  • In the event of electrical or EFCU failure, or at the option of the pilot, the fuel control assembly functions in manual mode to allow engine operation at reduced power under control of the hydromechanical portion of the controller only.

The total engine fuel and control system consists of the following components and provides the functions as indicated:

1. The vane fuel pump assembly is a fixed displacement fuel pump that provides high pressure fuel to the

engine fuel control system.

2. The filter bypass valve in the fuel pump allows fuel to bypass the fuel filter when the pressure drop across the fuel filter is excessive. An integral differential pressure indicator visually flags an excessive differential pressure condition before bypassing occurs, by extending a pin from the fuel filter bowl. Fuel pump discharge flow in excess of that required by the fuel control assembly is returned from the control to the pump interstage.

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