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Ice Ridges Phenomenon

 Ice Ridges Phenomenon

  • probes, which can create airflow perturbations & causes airspeed computed value to be lower than the actual airspeed.
  • The primary cause of ice ridges over the lower nose fuselage area is ice accretion during a long stay on the ground in we can define the phenomenon as, the build-up of ice ridges on the lower nose fuselage in front of the Pitot old conditions aided by Nil or partial ground De-icing act.
  • A secondary reason can be, when snow falling on a heated windshield melts & the water running down from the windshield refreezes in ridges on the lower fuselage.
  • Not a well-known condition to the Flight & maintenance crew, the consequences of ice ridges located forward of the Pitot probes on the lower nose fuselage prompt airflow perturbations forward of the probes.
  • Eventually, this can lead to the airspeed data coming from the ADR (or ADC) associated with the affected probe(s), to be at a value that is significantly lower than the actual airspeed, affecting the aircraft systems.
  • Attention to the potential presence of ice ridges in cold weather conditions, especially for the first flight of the day or after an extended stay on the ground is sought.

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