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Ignition Harness

 Ignition Harness

  • The ignition lead directs the electrical energy from the magneto to the spark plug. 
  • The ignition harness contains an insulated wire for each cylinder that the magneto serves in the engine. 
  • One end of each wire is connected to the magneto distributor block and the other end is connected to the proper spark plug. 
  • The ignition harness leads serve a dual purpose. It provides the conductor path for the high tension voltage to the spark plug. 
  • It also serves as a shield for stray magnetic fields that surround the wires as they momentarily carry high-voltage current. By conducting these magnetic lines of force to the ground, the ignition harness cuts down electrical interference with the aircraft radio and other electrically sensitive equipment.
  • A magneto is a high-frequency radiation emanating (radio wave) device during its operation. 
  • The wave oscillations produced in the magneto are uncontrolled and cover a wide range of frequencies and must be shielded. If the magneto and ignition leads were not shielded, they would form antennas to pick up the random frequencies from the ignition system.
  • The lead shielding is a medal mesh braid that surrounds the entire length of the lead. The lead shielding prevents the radiation of the energy into the surrounding area.

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