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Lycoming 0-233 Series Light-Sport Aircraft Engine

 Lycoming 0-233 Series Light-Sport Aircraft Engine

  • Lycoming Engines, a Textron Inc. company, produces an experimental non-certified version of its 233 series light-sport aircraft engine.
  • The engine is light and capable of running on unleaded automotive fuels, as well as AVGAS.
  •  The the engine features dual CDI spark ignition, an optimized oil sump, a streamlined accessory housing,
  • hydraulically adjusted tappets, a lightweight starter, and a lightweight alternator with integral voltage regulator.
  • It has a dry weight of 213 pounds (including the fuel pump) and offers continuous power ratings up to 115 hp at 2800 rpm.
  • In addition to its multi-gasoline fuel capability, it has proven to be very reliable with a TBO of 2,400 hours.
  • The initial standard version of the engine is carbureted, but fuel-injected configurations of the engine are also available.

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