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Mounts for Turbofan Engines

Mounts for Turbofan Engines

 Mounts for Turbofan Engines

  • The engine mounts on most turbofan engines perform the same basic functions of supporting the engine and transmitting the loads imposed by the engine to the aircraft structure.
  • Most turbine engine mounts are made of stainless steel, and are typically located as illustrated.
  • Some engine mounting systems use two mounts to support the forward end of the engine and a single mount at the rear end.

 Turbine Vibration Isolation Engine Mounts

  • The vibration isolator engine mounts support the power  plants and isolate the airplane structure from adverse engine vibrations.
  • Each power plant is generally supported by forward vibration isolator mounts and an aft vibration isolator mount.
  • The forward vibration isolator engine mounts carry vertical, side, and axial (thrust) loads and allow engine growth due to thermal expansion.  The aft mounts take only vertical and side loads; however, they will also accommodate thermal expansion of the engine without applying axial loads to the
  • engine flanges.
  • The vibration isolators consist of a resilient material permanently enclosed in a metal case. As an engine vibrates, the resilient material deforms slightly, thereby dampening the vibrations before they reach the airplane structure.
  • If complete failure or loss of the resilient material occurs, the isolators will continue to support the engine.

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