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Propeller Controls and Instruments

 Propeller Controls and Instruments

  • Fixed pitch propellers have no controls and require no adjustments in flight. The constant-speed propeller has a
  • propeller control in the center pedestal between the throttle and the mixture control. 
  •  The two positions for the control are increase rpm (full forward) and decrease rpm (pulled aft). This control is directly connected to the propeller
  • governor and, by moving the control, adjust the tension on the governor speeder spring. 
  • This control can also be used to feather the propeller in some aircraft by moving the control to the full decrease rpm position. 
  • The two main instruments used with the constant-speed propeller are the engine tachometer and the manifold pressure gauge. 
  • Rotations per minute (rpm) is controlled by the propeller control and the manifold pressure is adjusted by the throttle.

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