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Spark Plug Removal

 Spark Plug Removal

  • Spark plugs should be removed for inspection and servicing at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer.
  •  Since the rate of gap erosion varies with different operating conditions, engine models, and types of the spark plug, engine malfunction traceable to faulty spark plugs may occur before the regular servicing interval is reached. Normally, in such cases, only the faulty plugs are replaced.
  • Since spark plugs can be easily damaged, careful handling of the used and replacement plugs during installation and removal of spark plugs from an engine cannot be overemphasized.
  • To prevent damage, spark plugs should always be handled individually and new and reconditioned
  • plugs should be stored in separate cartons. A common method of storage. This is a drilled tray,
  • which prevents the plugs from bumping against one another
  • and damaging the fragile insulators and threads. If a plug is dropped on the floor or other hard surface, it should not be installed in an engine, since the shock of impact usually causes small, invisible cracks in the insulators. A dropped spark plug should be discarded.

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