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Teledyne Continental 0-200 Engine

Teledyne Continental 0-200 Engine

  • The 0-200 Series engine has become a popular engine for use in light-sport aircraft. The 0-200-A/B is a four-cylinder, carbureted engine producing 100 brake hp and has a crankshaft speed of 2750 rpm.
  • The engine has horizontally opposed air-cooled cylinders. The engine cylinders have an overhead valve design with updraft intake inlets and downdraft exhaust outlets mounted on the bottom of the cylinder.
  •  The 0-200-A/B engines have a 201 cubic inch displacement achieved by using a cylinder design with a 4.06- inch diameter bore and a 3.88-inch stroke.
  • The dry weight of the engine is 170.18 pounds without accessories. The weight of the engine with installed accessories is approximately 215 pounds.
  • The engine is provided with four integral rear engine mounts. A crankcase breather port is located on the 1-3 side of the crankcase forward of the number 3 cylinder.
  • The engine lubrication system is a wet sump, high-pressure oil system. The engine lubrication system includes the internal engine-driven pressure oil pump, oil pressure relief valve, pressure oil screen mounted on the rear of the accessory case and pressure instrumentation.

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