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  • The purpose of torque loading is to make sure the correct and efficient clamping together of two surfaces.
  • This prevents over-stressing, distortion, and shearing of bolts, studs, nuts, etc.
  • Torque load_values are normally determined by friction, type of thread, material, lubrication, and finish of the surfaces of the fasteners.
  • Before even start to use a torque wrench make sure All torque wrenches that are used on aircraft are regularly inspected,
  • tested, and calibrated by a facility equipped to do so.if the serviceable tag indicates as expired. DO NOT USE THE TOOL.
  • Aviation bolts and screws without the proper torque can fail in a number of ways. First, if they have not received enough torque, they can loosen under vibration and come free.
  • Not only do they then fail to hold their load, but they also become foreign object debris and may cause significant damage as they rattle around,
  • vibration is such an important factor in aviation that every bolt which is not fastened with a self-locking nut must also be safetied, usually with wire, to prevent it from vibrating loose.

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