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Crankcase Sections

 Crankcase Sections

  • The foundation of an engine is the crankcase. It contains the bearings and bearing supports in which the crankshaft revolves.
  •  Besides supporting itself, the crankcase must provide a tight enclosure for the lubricating oil and must
  • support various external and internal mechanisms of the engine.
  • It also provides support for attachment of the cylinder assemblies, and the powerplant to the aircraft. It
  • must be sufficiently rigid and strong to prevent misalignment of the crankshaft and its bearings.
  • Cast or forged aluminum alloy is generally used for crankcase construction because it is light and strong. The crankcase is subjected to many variations of mechanical loads and other forces.
  • Since the cylinders are fastened to the crankcase, the tremendous forces placed on the cylinder tend to pull the cylinder off the crankcase.
  •  The unbalanced centrifugal and inertia forces of the crankshaft acting through the main bearings
  • subject the crankcase to bending moments which change continuously in direction and magnitude.

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